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About Armbrust International


Almost 100 years ago, Gottlob Armbrust was a representative in the United States for a German chain machine maker when World War I broke out. Stranded here and unable to return home, he had to do what he knew best. In 1920, Gottlob opened Armbrust Chain Company in Providence, Rhode Island. With his "family" of employees, Armbrust took root on American soil. Today, Armbrust International Chain Company remains an American manufacturer.

Gottlob Armbrust's basic philosophy of uncompromising quality and fair dealing has set the standard which has resulted in the company's continued world-wide reputation for reliability. Armbrust Chain has combined two industry giants under its umbrella: Kunzman Chain & Providence Chain companies, creating Armbrust International, a privately held company with a strong financial foundation. With the sum total of 220 years experience from all three companies, advances in technology, and the continuing philosophy of its founder; Armbrust International is one of the largest manufacturers of fine quality chain in the world.

Our Mission

We, the professionals at Armbrust International, are dedicated to the principals of our founder; acknowledging our proud tradition and committing ourselves to forging our own future. We believe our firm's reputation is a sum total of the efforts of many individuals.
"We make no "blue-sky" claims, never have and never will. We do, however, point out that our reputation is one of our most important products, and our line of chain in design, quality and price reflects our continued effort to maintain this enviable reputation throughout the years to come."
(Gottlob Armbrust, Founder)

Who we are

Armbrust is known for its heritage. As the first chain company in America, Armbrust has grown to become one of the largest, most respected brands in the world; a brand built on quality, style and integrity.

We consistently strive to bring you the highest level of service, the broadest selection of products, and the best quality and styling. We are committed to delivering long term benefits by continuing to expand our capabilities, and increase our efficiencies. That means we are committed to growing our business with our customers' interests in mind. The unique combination of craftsmanship and technology, with quality and value a priority, makes Armbrust International your prime source for chains.

Our quality products, on time delivery, and exceptional customer service make Armbrust International the preferred manufacturer and provider of chain to some of the best known names in the jewelry business...

Designers count on Armbrust for ideas and freshness that can set them apart; little things that can make such a big difference.
Buyers rely on the full complement of designs Armbrust offers and the prompt and courteous service of the Customer Care Team.
Business Owners & Managers know they receive the best combination of quality, price and support available.